Lady Hahn's Art Oddities & Curiosities



Historic Festus, Missouri


Lady Hahn's Art Oddities and Curiosities is located within Alchemy Gallery on Historic Main Street, Festus Missouri, conveniently 30 minutes south of downtown St. Louis City. Assemblage art, acrylic paintings, jewelry, vintage items, antiques, incense, sage for smudging, herbal candles, charms, mystical items & supplies, hoodoo dolls, folk art, artsy upcycled and repurposed furniture and other items. Lady Hahn’s Art now has working studio space at Alchemy. Alchemy’s hours are listed below which are limited, but there is always a chance you will catch an artist working in the studio space with the gallery open! You may also text Lady Hahn to inquire if she is there working.

Alchemy’s Website

Lady Hahn also shows in galleries, regional art/vendor shows and festivals. Watch Lady Hahn’s Art Facebook Page for upcoming shows.